Monday, November 28, 2011

What Is the Difference between Sapphire and Diamond?

The dazzle of diamonds and the vivid color of sapphires tempt anybody to fall in love with these incredibly beautiful gemstones. Both diamonds and sapphires while belonging to the same gemstone family have a distinct identity that marks one from the other.
The most discerning difference between diamonds and sapphires is the fame they each enjoy and while diamonds happen to be the most hyped as well as celebrated gemstone till date sapphires enjoy selective attention from lovers of colored gemstones who admire the lustrous loveliness of the stunning sapphires. And although sapphires in recent times have gained much adulation and popularity diamonds definitely qualify as the most favored gemstone across the world especially for women and it is not without reason that these stones are called every woman’s best friend.
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The next most detectable difference between sapphires and diamonds is the way both these stones are priced. There is no secret in the fact that diamonds are the most expensive of all gemstones and a good quality diamond can cost one an astronomical sum of money. Sapphires on the other hand are priced a lot more reasonably and are hence affordable to many more people although it must be mentioned that very good quality sapphires may tend to priced pretty steeply.
Another interesting difference between sapphires and diamonds is that while both are extremely hard stones sapphires come after diamonds in the measurement of hardness and while diamonds score a perfect ten sapphires come next with nine on Mohs scale of hardness.
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The chemical composition of diamonds and sapphires also have a distinct difference and while diamonds are made of carbon with traces of metals like iron and nickel sapphires are made of aluminum oxide with the presence of chromium, titanium and iron which lend these stones their color.
One thing that is common to both diamonds and sapphires in spite of all their difference is that both these gemstones are immensely beautiful and impossibly irresistible.

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krylon water based spray paint said...

Both looking nice! Blue diamond is a carbon and blue sapphire is aluminum oxide. Both are different gemstones altogether. I love diamond.